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Musician Mentoring/Coaching

I help individuals, particularly musical or creative, come into their aligned path and being, live their potential and create their own works of art.

If you are interested in working with me, send me a message below. I'd love to hear from you and be of support.

Feel free to read below for more details.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Chris Vincent

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Musician Coaching/Mentoring


I am happy to offer and support you in:


  1. Creating focus and momentum in your musical practices.

  2. Creating an inspired vision and plan of action to achieve your musical goals.

  3. Accountability strategies to help you stay on track and meet your plans and goals.

  4. Creating a safe space which promotes you in staying connected, cultivating and accessing inner and outer resources and being receptive to your inner wisdom and intuition.

  5. Illuminating your true path forward and vitalising and mobilising the power to act on it.

  6. Identifying and working through challenges and whatever may be holding you back from both being and becoming the musician you want to be.

  7. Learning how to become more present to whatever is alive and moving in you and become more adept at channelling this into your musical direction and expressions.

  8. Learning how to nurture and cultivate your authentic musical and creative style.

  9. Learning how to cultivate trust in your expression and ignite passion and energy within.

  10. Coming into alignment and taking action from this place for more effective, efficient and expansive use of energy.

  11. Create the musical and creative experiences that are called for from your heart and soul.


You may be experiencing any or all of the following at the moment:


  1. Interrupted and distracted music practice.

  2. Lack of commitment and discipline towards meeting musical goals.

  3. Learning and playing music in an isolated environment.

  4. Lack of or limited support in your musical and creative endeavours.

  5. Lack of priority with your musical and creative life.

  6. Going 'round in circles' or feeling 'stuck' in your approach and/or results with music.

  7. Self-sabotage, perfectionism, self-doubt, anxiety, obsessiveness, fear around getting yourself and your music out there or taking a step beyond your current comfort zone.

  8. Indecision and procrastination around going to the next level with your music.

  9. Feeling something is 'missing' from your musical practice, direction, results.

  10. Feeling 'overly complicated' or 'confused' in knowing what to do to make you happy with your music, music career, life as a musician.

  11. Behaviour that is distracting or draining energy away from what you really love to do, or creating resistance or distance between you and living your passion.


If you are experiencing any of the above, remember, you are not alone. I have experienced all of the above at times and have also had many experiences where I have moved beyond the above and I'm inspired to let you know, I believe this capability is in you too, and I am here to work with you and help you connect to it, nurture it, and grow in your capacity to capitalise on it.


You don't have to rise into your fullness, presence, empowerment and unleash your creative essence on your own.

I know what it's like trying to.

I know what it's like letting others help.

I still know both of these.

These days, having the right support, mentors, community around me not only makes a huge positive difference, it's essential, or at least what is sustainable and optimal, whereas a continual solo endeavour and mission becomes a starved and ultimately tumultuous effort and can often lead to fatigue, discontent and burn out.


If you've read this far, it's probably also a priority for you to give yourself a chance to live out your musical visions.


The choice is in your hands and the kind of support you may be looking for is not far away at all.


Particularly over the last few years, I have reached out and invested in a lot of support along the way, from some amazing mentors and teachers, and in some amazing courses, programs, retreats. I want to give what I have to you to help you make the difference you long to see in your life, much like how others have given this to me. Another way of saying this is, we are all here to help ourselves and each other bring out what is already within each of us, and to create a better life and world in doing so.


Together, we will allow you to step up and create the kind of experiences you desire in your music and creative life, which will flow into a more positive experience in your life, work and relationships, as you will be tapping into a power which resides in all of the above and connects between all of the above.


This may make some sense and also arise a curiosity too.

We are living in a world of much unknown. There is tension, unrest and rapid change that can be overwhelming and confusing.

There are layers and layers of both known and unknown within you.


It is a time to learn to embrace the unknown and step into it in a way that listens to and follows your soul's calling, in a way that further unlocks your true inner voice and encourages your unique gifts and creativity to arise and be offered into the world, the world which you are desiring to see, to be a co-creator of that.

To be in community that facilitates and encourages that.


You are creative for a reason, and the invitation is for you to open your arms to the opportunities, empowerment, freedom, expression, impact that is yours to claim, should you choose to listen to it, should you choose to claim it.

It's a time to listen to the difference you want to make in your life and with your musical and creative gifts and offerings. A time to let it open you into the true riches that are stirring in your heart.


Perhaps it's true, fortune favours the bold, or at least the proactive.

If any of the above is resonating with you and you're considering making your musical and creative life a greater priority, and aware or curious of the potential benefits it can have in all areas of your life, don't hesitate to reach out to me.


The world is crying out for courageous creators and artists. A community of individuals unifying through living from and sharing an authentic heart space. If this sounds like you, or sounds like something you're interested in learning more about, don't hesitate to get in touch.


Remember, success and fulfilment is not an isolated journey.

I'm here to help you tap into your potential and creativity and open up greater possibilities and experiences.

Whether you are a professional, hobbyist or beginner musician, whether you are advanced or basic in your musical skills, and whether you sing, play guitar, piano, bass or any instrument, don't hesitate to get in touch. Whether your goals seem relatively modest or wildly ambitious. Whether you are artistic or creative in another way. I'm happy to explore and decide with you if we are a good match to work together and go from there. Feel free to reach out.


Sessions over Zoom.

Limited places.

Book a free 20 min consultation and see if we're a fit working together.

Bring your questions, goals, challenges, anything that's present for you and let's get started in turning over a new leaf in your journey as a musician and creative being.


To your freedom and fulfilment,


Chris Vincent

Let me know how I can help...
Would love to hear about your goals, challenges, or anything else you'd like to share to help us get started...

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