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Chris Vincent is a singer, musician, songwriter, composer, teacher and student of therapy and various modalities of healing.

He is dedicated to living a life rich in purpose, creative expression, authenticity, alignment, connection, loving kindness, individual empowerment and integration and healthy, compassionate community and collaboration.


Some of his experiences and accomplishments include:


  • Writing, recording, co-producing and releasing several albums, both solo and with bands

  • Performing hundreds of gigs to audiences all over Melbourne, including some gigs to audiences of hundreds and occasionally thousands of people.

  • Organising, promoting and performing at both profitable and charity (non-for-profit) events.

  • Touring and performing throughout Australia, with both nationally and internationally acclaimed artists.

  • Over a decade of experience as a guitar instructor of both individuals and groups.

  • Creator of recently launched 'A musical Journey' podcast (see link in menu above).

  • Guest and performer on several community radio shows around Melbourne.

  • A growing and supportive social media following as an musician/artist.


Although the 2020-21 COVID pandemic has influenced Chris' plans and path as a musician, he continues to investigate what gifts lie awaiting discovery.


He continues to co-create and adapt to a newer path, one that resonates with the current callings he receives within his own heart and with how he attunes to the world and collective's desires and yearnings.

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